Smudge Gift Set

$ 35.00

 Give this gift set to someone who needs some cleansing in their life! 


Papaya "Smudge That Shit" Greeting Card

The Sage Greeting Card is illustrated with delicate, pink flowers, a smudge stick and copper foil geo shapes throughout; a timeless nod to past eras and the tradition of pressing plant specimens in old books.  Each card in this series features a mixture of floral designs and sentiments that are perfect for all occasions where encouragement, thinking of you, sympathy and love is needed. 

  • 100% rich, premium quality recycled paper
  • Blank inside with gentle hand pressed floral illustrations
  • Translucent parchment envelope
  • To and from wrap around mailing label with gold foil printing
  • Front is embellished with fine copper foil details
  • Package arrives individually in a clear sleeve
  • Dimensions: 5”x7”

Conjure Wellness "Smudge" Healing Mist

 The Smudge Healing Mist contains real Kyanite crystals. Kyanite is one of the few stones that never needs to be cleansed, making it ideal for maintaining a neutral energy space. Sea Salt, Sage, Cedarwood, and Palo Santo have all been used for centuries to ward off unwanted energy and harmful airborne bacteria. Use this mist to purify the energy at home and anywhere you go.

Ingredients: Full Moon Water, Reiki-charged Kyanite crystals, Sea Salt, grapeseed oil, essential oil of Clary Sage, White Sage, Cedarwood & Palo Santo

Blue Sage Smudge Stick

Blue Sage is used for cleansing, spiritual strength, wealth and prosperity.

3-4" length

Witch's Way Craft Clear Quartz Cluster

This is the perfect crystal for beginners!

Used to heal and dispel feelings of negativity and encourage positive thoughts and feelings. Use to aid in balancing your energies, enhance awareness, and improve ones perceptions. Thought processes are improved and clarified!

These crystals are in their natural form and will vary in composition and size!

Save 15% with this bundle! $41 Value 

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