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Gift this to someone who could use some protection! 


Witch's Way Protection Spell Candle:

 These are our handmade protection spell candles, we have used crystals, herbs, and the 4th pentacle of the moon on these candles. They contain VERY strong protection magick.

The 4th pentacle of the moon, a talisman design found in the "Key of Solomon", a grimoire of ceremonial magic attributed to King Solomon. The grimoire explains: "This defendeth thee from all evil sources, and from all injury unto soul or body

Example uses:

Protection from hexes or other magick/psychic attacks 

Protect yourself from specific people or energies

Protect your space or a space from negativity energy entering

Protect yourself from rumors/drama in your relationships

Protect loved ones from certain situations or other individuals 

*please do not think that this will protect you from harm if you plan on doing something stupid such as jumping off a roof* the focus of these candles is energetic. 

They are infused with natural essential oils and herbs including dragons blood, patchouli, clove, juniper, saint johns wort, mugwort, bay, fennel, cumin, frankincense, rosemary, sage, fir needle, eucalyptus, orange, and cedar leaf, and more!

Crystals included range from smoky quartz, tigers eye, black tourmaline, black onyx, clear quartz, and labradorite. Crystal sizes vary from small chips to tumbled stones. 

This vessel holds approximately 15 oz of wax and can burn up to 100 hours


Witch's Way Tigers Eye Worry Stone 

Tiger’s Eye is associated with the fire element and the Sun. It is especially connected with deities who are associated with cats, such as Bast, Sekhmet, and Freyja. Tiger’s Eye is good for intentions around money manifestation, protection, courage, and good luck.


Palo Santo Stick: 

Each Palo Santo stick is approximately 1.3 ounces and about 4 inches long and 1/2 inch wide

Palo Santo means "holy wood" and has been used as a deeply aromatic incense by the Incas and people of the Andes for centuries. Its purpose is to purify and cleanse, and to get rid of evil spirits and influences